Two Years Ago

On this day TWO years ago I walked through the doors of Weight Watchers. I never dreamed how my life would change. I’ve gone from junk food junkie to thriving on healthy food by making small gradual changes that turned to permanent ones. In my previous attempts to lose weight, I saw the nutrition & exercise necessary to achieve success as a sacrifice, deprivation, and punishment. My viewpoint was everything negative. That all changed on 11/10/2015!!! I joined the Weight Watchers lifestyle with an open mind, learned about balance and moderation. My viewpoint on my newfound lifestyle is everything positive which include energy from fueling my body properly, normal cholesterol (I thought this was impossible!) and strength & endurance from my fitness regimen. That feel good feeling as a result cannot be beat!!!

I thought I’d share with you a picture of me with my favorite pair of jeans 2 years ago. I will always hold on to these jeans as a reminder of how far my hard work has taken me.


No matter how small or big your goal is, believe in yourself and take the first step. You will soon realize that you are stronger than you realize.

Imagine with all your mind ~ Believe with all your heart ~ Achieve with all your might


6 thoughts on “Two Years Ago

  1. You inspire me daily and I’m so proud of you! Honestly, every time I even think about eating something unhealthy, I think about you and change my choice! One day, I will hit my WW goal and join you in your victory!


  2. Mrs. Lisa I love that you are sharing your story with the world! Please continue because it inspires more people than you think! Love you! What a beautiful story!


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