Clearing the Way

The emotions of a weight loss journey is something you can never fully be prepared for. At least, this is my experience. Excitement and a certain level of pride in my personal journey has outweighed the others. When I reached my goal weight in 2016, the only thing that made sense to me was to continue with my current Weight Watchers program and exercise program. It made no sense to me to start adding food back in to my life and figure out how to maintain this new weight of mine. So, I just continued doing what I was doing and let my weight find itself based on my nutrition and activity level. As a result, I continued to lose weight and inches. Throughout my journey, I have purged clothes as I “outgrew” them, yet hung on some in case I started gaining again. I’ve maintained my loss for long enough to know that my weight has settled and it’s time to purge my closet once and for all. However, I did hold on two a few items at my largest to remind myself of how far I’ve come.

My donation of various sizes plus shoes that aren’t knee friendly

Freeing is one word to explain the process. Reality. Sadness. WOW. Woo Hoo. Pride. Its hard to believe that I once fit into some of these clothes that were in fact getting too tight. It makes me sad because I was so unhealthy and did not take responsibility for my own health. I wasn’t living to my fullest potential. I was weighed down – literally and figuratively. I also take pride and a little Woo Hoo in my accomplishments. I’ve proven to myself that your never too old for change, anything is possible, and to never underestimate the power you have within. Your much stronger than you think!!!

I recently ran in to someone who I haven’t seen in a number of years. She smiled really big, and her response to my weight loss transformation was “It took a lot of hard work, didn’t it?”. My response, “Yes, it did”. That simple exchange was powerful in so many ways. She will never realize how much it touched me.

Imagine with all your mind ~ Believe with all your heart ~ Achieve with all your might



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