May Goals

This year began with a whirlwind of excitement. My newly college graduate son moved to New York City for his dream job. My daughter’s February wedding was quickly approaching. But once my son was settled in his new job and living on his own in a new state, and after celebrating my daughter’s marriage with a beautiful wedding, my husband and I had some travel plans to look forward to. So while I have nothing to complain about and everything to be grateful for, once everything came to a halt and as my husband and I are now settling in to a new chapter in our lives, being an empty nester, I found myself thinking “now what?” What’s next for Lisa? I’ve been searching and trying to remain open minded. With the beginning of a new month, I thought I would break down categories in my life and have a few goals associated with them.

Nourishing my Mind, Body & Soul:

  • Begin each morning with prayer & meditation
  • Taking Sunday off!!! Last year I made a commitment to NOT wear my Fitbit on Sunday’s. I found myself becoming a bit too obsessive and I needed a day of rest to not worry about my activity. I’ve found this practice to be refreshing for my body. Now, I’d like to add to this and reduce social media on Sunday. This will be a challenge! I would actually like to stay offline, but I’ll start with baby steps!!!
  • Be more mindful, aware, attentive & open minded.
  • Try a few new recipes. Time to get adventurous in the kitchen again!
  • Try a new class at the gym. See what variety I can add to challenge my fitness.
  • WATER!!! I am the worst with water. I’d love to drink more water and will definitely work on my consumption.

My main objective is to bring an awareness to these goals and hopefully make new discoveries about myself in the process.

What are your goals?

Imagine with all your mind ~ Believe with all your heart ~ Achieve with all your might




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