I can best be described by others as non competitive. I enjoy challenging myself by pushing myself for personal growth. The perfect challenges for me are:

StepBet: fitness game that motivates you to be more active. The app calculates your required steps based on your history with your device of Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Health. Cash prizes, accountability & community support makes the game FUN!!! I’ve completed 8 games since 2016.

WW Wellness Wins: Rewards program that gives you points for making healthy choices. There are different tier levels of prizes!

My strength training class, Isokinetix, had a December challenge of “12 classes in the 12th month” for a free T-shirt. Sounds easy enough but with our travel schedule and the studios holiday schedule, it WAS a challenge. And I did it!!!

My most recent challenge was the January 50k Challenge through my Nike Run Club app. As you know, I do quite a bit of walking, but thought it would be fun to do with a community. Imagine the winner logging in 1,472 miles. 2nd place was 1,286 miles and 3rd place was 1,076 miles. How is that humanly possible? The winner walked/ran over 47 miles a day, every day??? There was a 609 mile difference between 3rd place and 10th place.

What is the point of joining a challenge if your intention is to manipulate the system? What fun is that? Don’t people realize that they are only cheating themselves?

It’s like anything else in life. You can have the best laid out plan, but if you manipulate the outcome in your favor without putting the work in that’s required, the only person your hurting is yourself.

I take great pride in knowing if I win or lose, I did it honestly. I could not enjoy a reward if I didn’t earn it.

Imagine with all your mind ~ Believe with all your heart ~ Achieve with all your might

Life with Lisa 💕

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