Diary of CB

Don’t you just hate when your rudely interrupted by something so invasive??? Who wouldn’t say yes! Since the flu did exactly that, I will now take this opportunity to bask in the afterglow of our recent family vacation to Crested Butte, Colorado. This mama bird was ecstatic to have her whole family with her, and even happier that they chose to participate in some of my 54 Before 54 activities!!!

I was SO excited to be reunited with my baby on our connecting flight in Dallas. I was sweating bullets as the time was quickly approaching before they shut the doors. But have no fear, he has arrived!!! Our family is now complete. Vacation has officially begun.

Every year when we arrive in CB, our first dinner is at the Secret Stash. Their pizza and the vibe of the restaurant is one to experience. Worth. Every. Bite. πŸ˜‹

My family of skiers enjoyed their time on the slopes. I enjoyed my time reading, cooking, working out and relaxing.

Let’s talk Five Crowns!!! Have you ever played? Well this was on my list, and honestly I think my family pulled it out on the first night to “get it over with”. Five Crowns is a five-suited rummy style card game. It begins with 3 cards and 3s are wild, the next round has 4 cards and 4s are wild and so on β€˜til the Kings go Wild! Oh, and it’s supposed to be a 45-minute game πŸ™„.

The first night was laid back, going with the flow while figuring out the rules. Every night, the game became more serious and competitive. We ended up playing every single night and were all hooked!!!

And here’s a peak at the final scorecard after combining ALL the games together…

Mother/Daughter Spa day was enjoyed at the Elevation Spa ❀️

SNOW ANGELS!!! Fun, fun, in the snow!!! It was all fun & laughter nurturing our inner child in the snow.

Celebrating 24 years of life with my baby on Ash Wednesday πŸŽ‰ JOY ❀️

Paradise on earth ❀️

Reality check!!! When travel delays hit, and you end up in the LAST seat… AND your window seat has the engine view, you have to just roll with it 😝

Thank you for a memorable vacation ❀️

Imagine with all your mind ~ Believe with all your heart ~ Achieve with all your might

Life with Lisa πŸ’•

16 thoughts on “Diary of CB

  1. I’m not a skier, but we spent some time in CB last summer. Cute little town, good hiking and camping opportunities. It’s known for it’​s mountain biking, I’ve heard (but I’m chicken to try it). πŸ˜› Colorado is one of our go-to vacation sites!

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  2. Lisa, thanks for sharing your memories from Created Butte. My youngest daughter and her husband enjoy skiing, but I would be the one staying warm inside with a good book (perhaps even time for a cat nap).

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