New York State of Mind

Fear and preconceived notions have held me back from many experiences in my lifetime. New York was one of them. UNTIL November 2017.

I NEVER had a desire to visit the Big Apple. NEVER. Why? Fear of so many people everywhere- shoulder to shoulder. Fear of having to ride in the subway and getting lost. Preconceived notion that “everyone” is so rude. That alone was enough for me to not entertain the idea of going there. Not to mention how dangerous it was and the fear of getting mugged. And what about all of the rats??? David Letterman used to constantly joke about them. I assumed they were everywhere!!! Ewwww. So I’m sitting with fear & preconceived notions of an overcrowded dangerous city filled with rude people and rats. And “what if” I get lost??? 🙄

My husband always wanted to go to NYC and since I was adamant of never going I encouraged him to take our daughter for a Father/Daughter trip, which they did in 2011. They came back full of exciting stories and telling me how much I would LOVE it in NYC and encouraging me telling me I HAD to go. Nope, nice try but I’m not interested.

In 2017, my husband had a business meeting in New York City and took a chance by asking if I wanted to join him. When I opened my mouth, to my surprise and his, a YES came out. Wait, what? Where did THAT come from???

In November 2017, we were off. I was excited and nervous. About 20 minutes into our taxi drive, I’m raving to Steven about how awesome NYC is. OMG, I LOVE it here!!! He just laughed. It truly felt like a dream. And it was definitely love at first site.

The following day while Steven was off to his meetings, it was adventure time for me. I felt like Mary Tyler Moore!!!

I walked the streets of NYC like John Travolta in Saturday Night Live – with confidence!!! I felt very safe. The people were very friendly. It was 100% complete opposite of what I assumed it would be.

I packed in all the tourist things assuming I may never be back. Little did I know that this was the first of MANY trips to NYC. Our first meal was at Carmine’s (yummy!!!) and seated next to us was a table of young men. I looked at them and could see my son Nicholas. He was graduating from college the following month and everywhere I looked, I could see him living here. On December 30th he was offered an incredible opportunity in NYC, so my second trip there was apartment shopping with him!!! We had SO much FUN that trip. We discovered the city together and laughed our way through our adventures.

Since the initial trip in November 2017 through September 2018 I have been a total of SIX times and have loved every single moment. Our family has created memories of a lifetime ❤️

There are countless memorable moments, but here are a few.

Riding bikes throughout the city
Good Morning America ❤️

Meeting Ray Romano & being part of his Netflix special
Family pictures in Central Park

I am grateful that I pushed through my fears and preconceived notions about NYC and went anyway. I went with an open mind and embraced all that the city had to offer. It has been 100% positive experience every time and I’m looking forward to many more trips to come!!!

I will remind myself to stay open minded about future opportunities. I will fight against the fear that has the potential of robbing me of new experiences.

Imagine with all your mind ~ Believe with all your heart ~ Achieve with all your might

Life with Lisa💕

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