My Desire

Has God ever intervened on your behalf? If so, I’m sure you remember the details. Life With Lisa doesn’t shy away from being vulnerable. On this thankful Thursday, I use this opportunity as a release for me and an opportunity to help others.

Twenty Six years ago, on May 22, 1993, God did for me what I could not do for myself. He intervened on my behalf, and I made a phone call that changed the course of my life. A phone call that I will forever be grateful for. It was made during a blackout, and this was the first time I could not piece together the events of the previous night.

What I DO remember is calling my husband’s aunt asking for help. What’s unusual about this? It was the first time I had ever called her during the several years I knew her. This special lady also ran the detox & rehab unit at the local hospital. I was introduced to Alcoholics Anonymous (who, me?) and taken to my first meeting. The fellowship began and I was introduced to a whole new way of living.

My sobriety date was May 23, 1993. Today I am not celebrating 26 years of continuous sobriety. I relapsed after 17 years, and have been sober since July 15, 2013.

Today my desire to stay sober is stronger than my desire to drink. Thank God!

On this thankful Thursday, my heart is filled with gratitude for making that phone call. God was doing for me, what I could not do for myself on that evening in May of 1993. I find God is challenging me so I too can be on the receiving end of a phone call.

Imagine with all your mind ~ Believe with all your heart ~ Achieve with all your might

Life With Lisa 💕

9 thoughts on “My Desire

  1. God is always present, and when we really need him, He brings some type of resolution into our lives. May you continue to walk with the Lord as He sincerely wants the best for you Lisa. Thank you for sharing your personal journey.

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