She’s a Survivor

My Mom, my warrior.

In 1992, my Mom received the unexpected news. Breast Cancer. Always a believer in being proactive with her health, the timing between mammograms allowed it to be detected early.

Life went on and my Mom continued to be proactive. In November 2018. Breast Cancer. Once again, detected early. Six months later, a follow up mammogram revealed a reoccurrence. My Mom never let it get her down and maintained a positive attitude.

On the 4th day of October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, she completed radiation treatment for her 3rd bout with breast cancer. She rang that bell LOUD & PROUD, as her technicians all hugged her. Their kindness and compassion went a long way.

Of course, a celebration was in order – Ruth Chris Steak House!!! They sure did make my Mom feel special ❤️ The manager and the wait staff stopped by the table to share in our joy. To top it off, Ruth Chris treated my Mom to a celebratory cheesecake with the caption You Have Won!!” Yes Mom, You HAVE won. Adios cancer.

Thank you to our wonderful family & friends. You have blessed us all.

Get your mammogram ladies. Early detection is KEY 💗

Imagine with all your heart ~ Believe with all your mind ~ Achieve with all your might

Life With Lisa

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