Who Is This Girl?

This is the face of a vegetable lover!!! You may think, so what’s the big deal? Well for me, it’s a HUGE deal!!! I grew up on rice & gravy and meat. I never touched vegetables as a child – well, unless it was corn & potatoes with my boiled crawfish 😝

Who would have thought that the girl who walked through the doors of WW in November 2015 looking to make some changes and lose a few pounds would have evolved into the lifestyle I’m living today??? Not me!!!

My journey has been an ongoing process and as I continue down that road, so do the changes. It’s been baby steps since Day 1 that has turned into living the WW lifestyle. So as I tried a couple of vegan recipes, I thought it would end there. Nope! It’s just the beginning. The baby steps continue. With every vegan meal I eat, I crave it more. My love for vegetables is growing strong. Daily.

I’m currently doing the Forks Over Knives Fresh Start, and this week has been all about breakfast. Delicious recipes! Carrot cake overnight oats; berry-stuffed breakfast sweet potato; black bean & sweet potato hash… I’m in love 😍

I’ve incorporated this into my WW lifestyle and it’s a beautiful thing.

Once upon a time I used to roll my eyes at people like me thinking they were crazy or deprived. I mean, who goes gaga over vegetable dishes. And here I am… I do. I am now that person. I go crazy over it and gladly choose it over anything else.

Change IS possible.

The transformation continues and I cannot wait to see where the road leads me to!!!

On this thankful Thursday, I’m thankful for being open minded to the vegan lifestyle and my cravings for vegetables.

Imagine with all your mind ~ Believe with all your heart ~ Achieve with all your might

Life With Lisa 💕