They Slow Me Down

It’s thankful Thursday on this last day of April 2020!!! Thank you for stopping by. I pray you & your loved ones are safe during this challenging time in our lives.

Grandchildren, they are a blessing. I’ve had the privilege of spending anywhere from 1-3 days per week with my oldest, Reid. When he comes over, he loves going to our neighborhood park to swing. He runs to the swing, I help him get situated then he asks me if I’d like for him to sing? Well, of course I do!!! Sometimes he makes up a song as he goes along, sometimes its a memorized song of his. Regardless, it is the sweetest singing ever and I absolutely cherish it.

Reid reminds me to slow down and cherish the simplicity of life. Swinging in such a carefree manner. Singing with sweet innocence.

This past week we have both biked and walked to the park. It took a very long time to do both. Why? Because he stops along the way to point out things that piques his interest. Reid loves squirrels. He often will ask me to take a picture to send to Doogie (my hubby). He picks up different shapes of leaves and wonder which tree they fell from. He picks up various sticks. He loves stopping for the birds. We both share the love of ant piles. Every trip to the park brings new discoveries. I love seeing life through his eyes, as he notices so many details in nature that I would just breeze by.

Sometimes we walk with our bike!
Sometimes we ride it!
Stopped for a break and nice chat on the way to the park!
Reid was fascinated by this centipede
Reid teaching me the states as we stop in NY!
What are Reid & Uncle Nick fascinated with?

Our newest addition – our precious granddaughter. I was feeding her her bottle and I would watch her eyes wander around. She would suddenly stop and focus, then move her eyes again to find her next focal point. What was she thinking? What was she fascinated with? Such simplicity!!! At just one month old, her world is slowly expanding every day. As I gaze into her eyes watching her, it causes me to slow down and soak it all in. She is learning about the expanding world around her and she is teaching me to cherish it.

Precious angel

Thank you my precious grandchildren, for slowing me down to notice the small things in life. The simplicity of it all. I do believe you are teaching me more than I will ever teach you.

Imagine with all your mind ~ Believe with all your heart ~ Achieve with all your might

Life With Lisa 💕

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