Heightened Emotions

On this thankful Thursday, I’m grateful for having my loved ones to lean on during my bouts of anxiety.

I always do my best to seek solutions instead of sitting in the problem. Once upon a time, I LOVED going to the grocery store. I enjoyed strolling through the aisles, browsing the shelves, picking up items for comparison, etc. Of course, the pandemic changed that. It’s rush in and rush out as fast as I can. It reminds me of when my kids were little. After working a full day, I’d pick them up from daycare and we’d head to the grocery store. I would ask them if they wanted to play a game. With excitement, they would answer “YES!!!” I explained that we were going to see how fast we could get our groceries!!! There were advantages to this “game”. It avoided them noticing and wanting all of the junk, and was very time efficient since I had little time to waste.

During this pandemic, I found my anxiety worsening with each trip to the grocery store. The awkwardness of social distancing and masked people is too much for me to handle, leaving me feeling dirty and claustrophobic.

Solution: Instacart!!! Yes, I’m late to the game, but WOW what a relief this service is!!! If your unfamiliar, it is a grocery delivery and pick-up service. After installing the Instacart app, it shows which businesses utilize the service in your area. All you do is fill up your cart, choose a pick up time (I haven’t used the delivery option… yet 😉), let them know I’m on my way, pop my trunk and voila!!!!

Rookie mistake!!! Pay attention to DETAILS 😝

Anxiety has a way of creeping in unexpectedly and rules my day. This week my daughter & I went to get pedicures and I was so excited. When I walked into the salon the anxiety took over. The masks. The plexiglass. The surroundings. My heart began pounding as anxiety slowly took over. I shifted my focus elsewhere and enjoyed strolling and spending time with my precious granddaughter while my daughter enjoyed her salon time. WIN WIN!!!

I will continue to pray, focus on my health & fitness, and Rachel Hollis my way through the anxiety that this pandemic has unleashed on me.

“Tenacity Grit Guts Fortitude Endurance & Being Brave & Keep Getting Up & Showing Up Anyway” Rachel Hollis

Forever grateful for the patience and unconditional love received from my family & friends during this time.

Imagine with all your mind ~ Believe with all your heart ~ Achieve with all your might

Life With Lisa 💕

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