Want to Feel Happier?

Do you want to feel happier? Can you? New research from the UK shows that you most certainly can with the age-old advice to “eat your vegetables” (and fruit), and “play sports.”

“Lifestyle has a large and very significant impact on the physicalhealth of individuals,” said the study authors. They wanted to find out whether lifestyle habits can also influence emotionalhealth and life satisfaction.

Many factors affect how happy you feel:

  • Your personality traits
  • The environment you live in
  • Your demographics
  • Your economics

But, what about eating nutritious foods and being physically active? Can they also help people to feel happier?

This study shows that implementing day-to-day healthy lifestyle improvements and keeping a focus on long-term benefits not only makes one more physically healthy, but also can result in being more satisfied with life.

The bottom line is that fruit and vegetable consumption and sports activity have a positive, significant impact on life satisfaction. In fact, “Our study estimates show clearly that fruits & vegetables and sports activity (both investments in a physically healthy future) are very effective in improving subjective wellbeing.”

What can YOU do with the information found in this new study?

How can YOU be happier by eating more fruits and vegetables or participating in more sports?

Ephesians 2:10

Psalm 118:24

Imagine ~ Believe ~ Achieve