Revisiting Andie

Happy 29th day of December!!!

I’ve spent the last several days reflecting on 2021 and thinking about my future in regard to my passion for health & fitness. When this memory from December 2016 popped upon on my Facebook, I thought it would be timely to repost. At the time, I was a little over a year into my journey. And I’m proud to say that over 6 years later, I still receive the unconditional love and support of my family and still look for new ways to keep my journey fresh and interesting.

Facebook Memory, December 2016: One of the best gifts received is when your loved ones listen and share your joys in life. I enjoy reading about other people’s lives, learning about their life experiences and how they emerge from them. I recently discovered Andie Mitchell’s memoir, It Was Me All Along. This young lady touched me on so many levels and simply amazes me. Once I finished Andie’s memoir, I moved on to her cookbook, Eating In The Middle. I absolutely LOVE all the meals I have cooked so far for me & my family!!! While sharing my excitement with my family, little did I know that my daughter, Katy, reached out to Andie on my behalf!!! I was floored to receive a personalized cookbook from Andie. WOW!!! This has truly touched my heart. I can’t thank my family enough for sharing my joy with me, and Andie for taking time for me. She is a true inspiration and I have learned so much from her!!! I continue to have FUN on my journey and enjoy new experiences along the way. Thank you to my loving family ❤️

Andie’s Petit Lasagna’s are 💥

Life is an Adventure, GO for it 👏🏼

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