Entering A New Arena

So I did something…

that I’m both excited and nervous about. One thing I’ve learned is that having a growth mindset is an adventure. Trust the process and step out of yourself comfort zone.

I’m going back to school!!!! What? At the age of 56? Why?

In 2019 while doing my infamous “54 Before 54” one of the things I did was get my transcript from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette to see where exactly my academic status stood – am I close to a degree or is it far off. I was a student at UL-L from August 1983-May 1986. Let’s just say one quick look at my transcript and it appeared to reflect my lifestyle during my time there…. so I quickly put it away 🙈

However, it was still looming over me. Last year my desire started to resurface. I started hearing more about online degrees which made a college return seem doable. In December I saw a dear friend around my age earn his college degree which was very inspiring. So before the end of 2021 I googled online degrees. To my surprise UL-L was one of the first to pop up. And one of their online programs is Kinesiology!!!

Taking to heart what I learned from Mel Robbins book, The Five Second Rule, I applied the 5-4-3-2-1 rule and submitted my application.

I have the best advisor who has patiently guided me along the way and this week I officially registered for Fall 2022. I’m dipping my toe back into education by taking 2 classes.

I’m not sure where this will lead, but I’m going to give it my all and trust the process.

So with a growth mindset and an adventurous spirit, Let’s Geaux 🤓📚

Thank you for your support!!!

Imagine ~ Believe ~ Achieve

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