Reflecting on May, I lived. I laughed. I bloomed. And everything in between.

It’s been rough. I’m dealing with hormonal imbalances that have wrecked me, hitting practically every menopausal symptom. (More on that for another post).

In spite of it all, I SHOWED up for myself. I kept my commitment to myself to STAY consistent with my workouts. This has been a lifesaver. When I’m working out, whether it be walking, weightlifting, Orangetheory or Peloton, it’s a much needed reprieve. The endorphins released gives me the runners high that alleviates my anxiety, decreases my stress and gives me a boost of self-esteem and self-confidence. Regardless of how long it lasts, I’ll take it!!!

May also brought out something new in the area of fitness!!! Weightlifting 💪🏼 I started training with a group of ladies at my gym that has been a humbling experience! I love being on the gym floor, learning new machines alongside like minded ladies. I thought I was in excellent shape before this, but WOW!!! I have really bloomed.

While there were plenty of weeds to be pulled in the middle, I’ve closed the door on May in full bloom feeling a little stronger in mind, body & soul.

Live ~ Laugh ~ BLOOM

Life With Lisa