Joyful June Update 🌸

On this first Monday of Joyful June, I thought I’d bring you an update.

June 1st was indeed brimming with joyfulness.

  • We celebrated my husbands 15th anniversary as Managing Partner 🎉
  • Started working with a new client 💪🏼
  • Received a long awaited phone call ❤️

Then June 2nd arrived… Covid hit our household which resulted in canceled plans. For the past month our family was looking forward to celebrating my Mom’s birthday and presenting her with a “box of love” – birthday cards received from friends & relatives. The gift was ready to be presented in a beautiful festive gift box, the cake was ordered, reservations made with another surprise waiting. But as they say “C’est La Vie”. More importantly, Covid has been contained and the patient continues to improve every day. Praise God.

Just like with nutrition & fitness – there’s ALWAYS a way to modify if you want it to work. FedEx to the rescue!!! My brother FaceTime me so we could all witness the gift opening together. It was PERFECT.

And the joy continues!!! Our family joyfully anticipates the arrival of our newest family member and my son and his girlfriend will be arriving for the joyful event. We are all thrilled and cannot wait to find out if its a boy or girl.

Life is filled with ups and downs and lots of flat roads in between. I’m choosing to embrace the journey.

Choose Joy,

Life With Lisa