Imagine ~ Believe ~ Achieve

Imagine ~ Believe ~ Achieve ~ my original slogan.

What does this exactly mean to me? This is my interpretation and how I’ve applied it in my life. While it was originally for my health & fitness journey, it applies to all facets of life.

Imagine with all your mind ~ Its all about mindset. Do you have a fixed mindset or growth mindset? Without a doubt, it was my growth mindset that took me through the doors of WW (Weight Watchers) nearly 7 years ago and I never looked back.

Believe with all your heart ~ If your in the sea of self doubt, find a community who will believe in you until you can. Surrounding yourself with like minded people who share the same goals makes life so much easier. Lean into them for support through challenging times and to celebrate every single victory along the way.

Achieve with all your might ~ How committed are you? In the beginning my weekly WW meetings and daily walks were a nonnegotiable. It was part of my schedule and everything was planned around it. Its not to say that life happens and plans make an unexpected change. During those times we adjust and do the best we can with the circumstances. Its been my experience that showing up for myself, keeping my commitment to myself, being consistent has led me to the lifestyle I so greatly enjoy today.

What’s your nonnegotiable?

Life With Lisa