Happy Son’s Day, Nicholas ❤️

Happy Sunday, Happy October!!!

So apparently I missed Son’s Day, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t celebrate my amazing son on a daily basis. How do I describe Nicholas? Lovable, friendly, loyal, witty, charming, bear hugs, killer smile.

Google Campus

Nicholas is also my favorite Googler!!! He has gone from the East Coast to the West Coast living his best life with his beautiful fiancée Christina and my perfect grandpup, Odysseus.

Look at all of the LOVE ❤️
My sweet grandpup 🥰
Nicholas, Christina & Odysseus ❤️

Nicholas and I share a language of our own and many of our best memories are made from being spontaneous and keeping it simple.

One of our favorite spots when Nicholas visits home.

To know Nicholas is to love him. He gives of himself so freely and without hesitation. Thank you Nicholas for blessing us all. You will always be my lil Tiger 💜💛🐯

As they say, the world is your oyster and I’d say you have quite a pearl on your hands.

I love you.

Life With Lisa 🥰