My Blind Date

On this thankful Thursday, I rewind the clock THIRTY THREE YEARS to August 22, 1986. I had no idea how much that day would change the course of my life. My BFF Jennifer set me up on a blind date. THANK YOU JEN!!! Her boyfriend at the time, Bret, was roommates with this great guy named Steven. They said it was going to be the perfect setup.

Of course, I needed the perfect outfit for this special occasion. My cousin, Marcy, worked at Brothers on the Blvd, a trendy chic clothing store. She was always happy to see me walk through the doors $$$ (Thanks Mom & Dad for the credit card!). But hey, it was worth the money because this snazzy outfit is still in great shape. YES, of course I kept it! Since way back in the stone ages we didn’t document our every move nor have social media (THANK GOD!), here’s the stylish outfit today. It still fits to a certain extent. Keeping it real though, and showing both angles. AHHH.

Jennifer & Bret set the stage, and Steven called me to ask me out. Our first date was at Bennigan’s. If your not familiar with the restaurant, it is an Irish pub-themed casual dining restaurant. Considering that the Monte Cristo became our favorite meal there in the years to come, I’m pretty sure we ordered it that night. Now, if your not familiar with a Monte Cristo, it is a turkey, ham, Swiss cheese, American cheese sandwich that is deep fried, sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with raspberry jam. And French fries of course! Phew, my cholesterol just went up thinking about it. Can you imagine how many SmartPoints that was??? Some things are better left unknown!

Afterwards we went to America’s Bar, and Steven impressed me with his skills. He ordered us Corona beer, and put the lime in and turned it upside down like a champ. Wooo, I was really impressed. (I seriously was!)

Well, lets just say that night was the beginning of our life together. Steven still treats me the way he did THIRTY THREE YEARS ago.

That date led to an engagement, marriage, and a growing family.

December 10, 1988

Bluebonnets in Texas
Our babies!
Saints fans since the beginning
Our favorite place, Crested Butte
25th Wedding Anniversary

Waiting for our newest addition!
Reid is already SO LOVED
Welcome to our family Shelby!

Steven is a man of God, always putting family first. Our THIRTY THREE YEARS together has been filled with joys and sorrows, celebrations and heartache, and lots of unpredictable crazy adventures, and I WOULD NOT trade it for the world.

Imagine with all your mind ~ Believe with all your heart ~ Achieve with all your might

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5 thoughts on “My Blind Date

  1. What a beautiful story as it unfolds! My one and only blind date wasn’t quite a successful. I still remember the guy’s car, though. It was the kind with the doors that lift up like wings. My husband is still impressed I actually rode in one of these babies — so, I guess the date was worth it just for the story. 🙂

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